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£50,000 FSCS compensation

Meet The Partners

Gary Naylor - Gary has decades of experience as a Financial Adviser, specialising in Pensions and Investments. Gary has expertise in financial advice & investment and pension performance.

Ken Hanning - Ken has a background over many years  in working for Pensions and Investments companies, and has expertise in Investment performance.

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We won him £50,000 FSCS compensation

We Will Not Be Beaten On Fees!

You will only pay us, if we win compensation for you. We also do not charge administration fees, or any upfront fees. If we win a Pension Claim for you, you will pay us 16.66% of the compensation awarded, plus VAT - which makes a total fee of 20%. If we win an Investment Claim for you, you will pay us 16.66% of the compensation awarded to you, plus VAT, which means a total fee of 20% If you find a UK regulated pension claims management company advertising a lower fee than us - we will beat it - just show us the ad!

complaints handling

Complaints Handling

 We try our best to provide an excellent service for our customers; but if you have a complaint we want to know about it. We’re here to help.If you would like to put a complaint to us in writing, you can email us at or 'phone us on 01756 860002, or write to our postal address, shown on the home page.

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