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Failed IFA Firm Claims-Latest FSCS Default List

Updated May 2019

The latest list of defaulted firms, includes :

 London-  Vantage Investment Group.

London- Sequant Capital Limited  

East Sussex - John Henry Moore  

Kent- Susan Fleck Associates 

 ]Dorset- Synergie Financial Planning.

Peterborough- GD Tancred Limited

Worcestershire- Magna Wealth Management 

Birmingham- TBO Investments

York-Premier Financial Solutions, 

Humberside- Kennett Investment, Life & Pensions 

Cheshire- Pensionology UK 

Blackpool - Abrams Ashton & Co Financial Services  

Lancashire-Greg Smith Financial & Insurance Services.

Updatd June 2019

 The latest list of defaulted firms includes:

Northamptonshire - Philip Ogden Financial Planning 

 Cumbria - GGC Independent Financial Advice 

Liverpool - The O’Rourke Partnership

Exeter - Wealth Rapport 

Renfrew -  Premier Wealth Managers

Larksway Investments Limited,

Updated July 2019


The latest list of defaulted firms includes:

 Blackpool- Omega Financial Services

Devon - Luddington Broze Limited

Leech & Burgess IFA LLP 

 Westbury Capital Partners Limited 

 Bradford- Breterac Limited.

Cornwall - Premier Mortgage Centre 



Latest FSCS DEfault List: June 2018

Professional Financial Advisers of Cheltenham,

 Yorkshire-based ICF Group 

 Scottish business Fergus Burns, which was formerly called The Financial Planning Partnership.

 West-Midlands firm Squirrel PFA

 North Yorkshire-based Pentagon Independent.

Latest Financial Advice Firms Declared in Default by FSCS May 2018


Latest FSCS Default List: May 2018

Welsh adviser Grosvenor Butterworth

 West Midlands advisers Lifeboat Financial Advisers and Platinum Independent Advisers  

London-based Argent Personal Finance Managers.

Yorkshire firms Alliance Independent Financial Advisers and Leeds & York Financial Services

 Hertfordshire business Hillyard Financial Consultants (UK) 

Southport-based EBA 

Failed IFA Firms-Latest FSCS Default List

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