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Berkeley Burke

Berkeley Burke SIPP Claims

Have You Been Advised To Invest Into An Unregulated Investment Via A Berkeley Burke SIPP? Get the latest news about the Berkeley Burke legal cases - click below

Find out more About Berkeley Burke sipp claims

Carey Pensions

Carey Pensions SIPP Claims

Did You Transfer Into A Carey Pensions SIPP And Have You Lost Money In An Unregulated Investment?

Find out more about carey pensions sipp claims

Guinness Mahon

Guinness Mahon SIPP Claims

Were You Advised To Transfer Your Pension Into An Unregulated Asset Within A  SIPP With Guinness Mahon?

Find out more About Guinness mahon sipp claims

Lifetime SIPP

Lifetime SIPP Claims

Many Lifetime SIPP Investors Have Made Claims About Investments Into Unregulated Assets - Can You?

Find out much more about lifetime sipp company claims

Guardian - GPC - SIPP

Stadia Trustees SIPP Claims

Guardian SIPP / GPC SIPP has now gone into administration - but you can find out much more here 

Find out more about Guardian SIPP claims here

Expert SIPP Claims Handling

SIPP Claims Experts

We Have Expertise And Experience With SIPP Claims - Whether Directly Against The SIPP Firm, Via The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), or With The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  Read More below the contact form !

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Latest sipp claims news

FSCS Will Pay Claims Against Stadia SIPPs


The FSCS has declared 3 SIPP firms in default (Stadia Trustees Ltd., Brooklands Trustees Ltd., Montpelier Pension Administration Ltd.). This is an important development for clients and means that Stadia SIPP Claims can be submitted immediately to the FSCS.

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Harlequin SIPP Claims


Better news for many #Harlequin SIPP investors today as the FSCS brings more potential Harlequin SIPP claims within its remit. The FSCS has decided that as some of these investments may be described  as "unregulated collective investments" it will now be possible to bring a Harlequin claim for negligent advice. Find out about Carey SIPP and Liberty SIPP claims on this page

Find out if you can make a claim re a SIPP investment


As specialists in pensions claims, we can determine quickly if you should consider making a claim for a mis-sold SIPP investment - for example if you transferred from a company or occupational scheme into a SIPP - were the benefits and changes properly explained to you & documented?

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