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Elysian Fuels Claims


On the 9th May 2017, Citywire covered this story about Elsyian Fuels by their journalist Jack Gilbert:

“Elysian Fuels was a non-standard investment scheme which invested in biofuels and was set up by a company behind a number of film schemes.

Elysian Fuels was listed on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange and put money into biofuel refinery projects. It marketed returns of up to 10 times the original investment over eight years, but SIPP providers now value the underlying asset as valueless.”

We have come across a number of clients who were persuaded by their advisers to transfer pension investments from Final Salary schemes into SIPPS which had these risky underlying unregulated assets. This has been very challenging for those clients, as they were transferred away from pension schemes with good levels of guarantees and benefits, into the Elysian Fuelsinvestment, which now has no value.

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