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Active wealth (uk)

Active Wealth (UK)

Active Wealth (UK) was the first firm that povided advice to British Steel Pension Transfers employees to cease providing pension transfer advice - after Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) intervention.

Links To A Previous "Failed" Advice Firm

The firm was previously known as Active Investment Services - a firm that had to close because of previous pension transfer complaints against it.

Celtic Wealth

Active Wealth had a relationship with an "unregulated" introducer ( ie. a firm not regulated by the FCA). The directors of Active Wealth and Celtic Wealth were asked to give evidence to a parliamentary committee about their work - they failed to turn up.

Active Wealth Liquidated

It was announced on 5th February 2018 that Active Wealth was being wound up "voluntarily" and a liquidator was appointed. This meant that claims could not be brought directly against the firm, or via the Financial Ombudsman Service 

Claiming Via The FSCS

In the UK, claims against former advice firms which were regulated by the FCA - such as Active wealth - can be brought via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). 

If you are confident then the best advice is to make the claim yourself. If you feel that your claim may be complex, then we can help. We charge for our service.

"No Win - No Fee" basis

 We offer a No Win No Fee service - if you choose to use us and we win compensation for you we make a charge of 20% inclusive of VAT

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